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We specialize in mental health, chronic pain, and weight loss. We believe yoga should be accessible to all so we have created a Giving Guru Karma sliding scale program for those in need.

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We help you heal chronic pain, develop coping skills for your mental health, and create a healthy workout routine with our yoga, fitness, and mindfulness methods so you can shed pounds and meet your wellness goals.

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Its not about being good at something. It’s about being good to yourself. 


At YogaStrong, you are family!

At YogaStrong, you don’t have to worry about being just a client. Instead, you are treated like family. YogaStrong is not your ordinary Yoga studio. This is because we don’t tend to limit ourselves to only practicing one side of Yoga but by offering a wide variety of programs that are tailored to your exact needs.

YogaStrong offers many programs for chronic pain, cardiovascular fitness, Hot Yoga, and improving Mental health

When you have persistent pain in joints and other areas that go over the usualperiod of recovery, this is known as Chronic Pain. This type of pain can be constant or on and off and can make it to where you unable to carry on with your everyday duties. A therapist of YogaStrong will help you by having you perform various stretching and breathing exercises so that your chronic pain is reduced and thus makes you healthy and in a refreshed stance again.

The therapists at YogaStrong strongly suggest that a good cardio workout and Yoga should go hand-in-hand. This is why we offer programs that have aerobic exercises. Did you know that proper Cardio exercise helps to reduce blood pressure and enhances blood vessels, making them relaxed and refreshed? Our Cardiovascular Fitness programs are designed for you to further enhance your cardio workout.

Hot Yoga is a practice in which Yoga is performed in a heated studio room. There are many types of Hot Yoga, and each Hot Yoga instructor has a unique method for practicing it. However, at YogaStrong, we advise you to not try out Hot Yoga if you have heart disease or any other problem that makes you unable to tolerate the heat without first checking with your doctor.

Did you know that practicing Yoga can significantly improve your mental health? At YogaStrong, we have many hot Yoga instructors that have specialized methods for improving mental health. Our Yoga programs help in improving your breathing which can help to reduce stress and anxiety, leaving you with only a relaxed stance!

Try out YogaStrong’s specialized programs today and avail yourself to a wide variety of programs that can help you to improve your quality of life and make you healthy again!