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Director, Instructor, Life Coach

Krysten is the founder and owner of YogaStrong. She is a Life Coach and Yoga Instructor. Originally, Krysten chose nursing as a career pathway but experienced a personal trauma in her early adulthood. Needing to understand and process her trauma, Krysten decided to study: Psychology, Anthropology, and Social Work. In doing so she is able to coach others in processing their life struggles and setting up a plan to work through whatever hardships that arise.


Practicing yoga to help manage her depression, anxiety, and PTSD, Krysten found that her symptoms lessened and became more manageable. Utilizing these skills, Krysten decided the best way to share her knowledge and passion was to open her own yoga, health, and fitness studio that offers a holistic approach to mind and body wellness. Helping others is her passion and she absolutely loves her job!

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Fitness is a lifestyle and I love to help others see it that way. Sports and fitness has always been a big part of my life. I started with dance at the age of 3, and later became more of a jock. I played every sport they offered in junior high. Tennis won out though and I played all 4 years of my high school career on the Varsity team. After graduating high school I went on to college and obtained my Bachelors degree in Fitness and Human Performance. 


  Leading others in group exercise classes is my passion! Since about 2014 I’ve been a group exercise instructor teaching everything under the sun ( HIIT, cardio, Pilates, barre, yoga, weight training, kickboxing, boot camp, circuit training, etc.) I love all forms of exercise and enjoy teaching it all. 


  Here are a few of my favorite things: Jesus! Family, can’t get enough of ‘em. Belle- sweetest puppy on the planet. FOOD. All of the food. Summer, sun, surf, the beach. Houston Astros!

Tennis. Sleeping in- to achieve this is such sweet bliss (life of a Mom). Music—> The Beach Boys, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Jack Johnson, Beastie Boys, The Clash, and on and on and on!



Instructor, Manager

I decided to start practicing yoga/fitness because:

I am a disabled Veteran, and I had become homebound with pain, anxiety, and depression. My therapist suggested I find something outside the house. I looked up local yoga studios and, voila. I started coming a few times a week and was surprised to find my neighbor was the owner. Small World.


Yoga has helped me physically by giving me more strength, endurance, and flexibility. Mentally it has been amazing for me! It helps with my stress and anxiety. I get out of bed everyday and come to practice weather I am taking a class or teaching it.


I love working for YogaStrong! Everyone is so supportive and caring. I can be myself and I have grown so much as a person. I am more confident and doing things I never thought I could. I’m not here for a paycheck, I am here for the environment, the great support, and the wonderful experiences I get while helping other people. I want to share YogaStrong with everyone!




I started practicing yoga when I was sick, my lung capacity was that of a child’s because of the black mold hiding in the house I lived in. I kept getting sick. After the house was remodeled, my doctor told me to start running or going to the gym to get back on track but I hated working out. I found a yoga video online and started practicing and noticed that it would genuinely make me feel better.

It helped me build strength, balance and confidence. I feel like I can breathe better overall. And best of all; it makes me feel like I’m in control of my own body.


My favorite part about teaching is seeing the people around me, these people I’ve grown to care about, grow. I see them get better and more confident with every class.

Hobbies and interests:


I love good food. Home cooked, fine dining, strange and unusual. Anything. Also, my kitties. They’re the loves of my life.


Weird fact:

I love swimming in mermaid tails! Floating in water takes the pressure off the muscles and is a really good tool when you’re sore. I often jump in the pool after a yoga session.

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My yoga journey started as a means to manage anxiety, in 2013. My physical yoga practice became a phenomenal tool for coping with depression and anxiety, and I quickly realized that the practice of yoga was so much more than holding fancy poses and stretching. I am fascinated by and believe in exploring all aspects of yoga - movement, breath, meditation, self-study, etc. - and making all of those tools accessible and available to everyone! 

Outside of my full-time job in staffing, I love practicing yoga (of course), exploring nature, enjoying live music, trying all kinds of food, traveling, and often watching Friends marathons with my BFF/husband, our dog Birdie, and our kitty cat Ben. 

I am humbled and grateful to be on this path, and look forward to practicing with you very soon! Wishing you power and peace - namaste.




I originally started yoga after having children and injury to work my body back to health. I have always tried to keep myself fit.

Fitness keeps my mind so much healthier as well as my body, when I'm physically strong I feel mentally,  emotionally and spiritually strong! 

I love the vibe and welcoming family feel of YogaStrong, the environment is not just a workout or class, it's an experience shared. 




When I started yoga, I was a senior in college and trying to figure out what was going to come next in my life. I felt a lot of pressure from myself and the expectations of others to have everything together when I graduated and I didn't realize the amount of anxiety and stress that I had in my life. The yoga class I was once a week on Mondays and it was actually a part of my degree plan. Physical activity wasn't something that I was new to as I was in athletics up until high school, so in college I became a gym fanatic and loved working out. But then working out for me was trying to make sure I looked good and not necessarily so that I felt good (worries about freshman 15). But there was something in the way of moving while doing yoga was different. From there I realized just the power of breath. I could feel myself calmer and more at east, not realizing how much stress I carried in my body. I would leave the class in a bliss and go back to my apartment and would do more yoga until it was time for me to go to work. I then started attending a yoga with a group called Bhakti Yoga Club where we not only did the physical practice of yoga but learned about the limbs, mantras, chanting, meditation, etc and they also had free food (the way to get me anywhere). 


I was so transformed by the practice so much so that I wanted to teach others about yoga. I believe yoga is a catalyst to physical and mental well-being and once established, individuals find a freedom within themselves and thrive in life. I desire to foster a sense of community and share my love of the practice with those who are willing to learn.  


I like YogaStrong because it is more than just a yoga studio. It strives to build community and offer more than just yoga. YogaStrong is where you can come to get healthy. Where you can learn how to care for yourself in the best ways possible. There are a variety of classes and offerings that you can find to suite you! 

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