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Founder, Studio Director, Yoga Therapist, Crisis Counselor, & Director of Education


Krysten, is the owner and founder of YogaStrong. She is a successful Yoga Therapist and Life Coach. Originally, she desired to become a nurse but was a victim of crime early in her adult life. Needing to understand and process her trauma, she decided to study: Psychology, Anthropology, and Social Work. In doing so she is able to coach others in processing their life struggles and setting up a plan to work through whatever hardships may arise.

Krysten started practicing yoga years ago to help manage her depression, anxiety, and PTSD. She found that her depression, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms continued to lessen and became more and more manageable the more she practiced. She also saw a Yoga Therapist for a few years. Using these skills, Krysten decided the best way to share her knowledge and love of these passions was to open her own all in one yoga, health, and fitness studio.

Krysten’s goal is to help others and by opening a studio that offers a holistic approach to mind and body wellness; she is capable of helping many people in many different ways. Helping others is her passion and she absolutely loves her job!

In her free time Krysten enjoys spending time with her many animals, volunteering as a crisis counselor, practicing yoga and meditation, and spending time with her husband and teenage son. 


Studio Manager & Instructor

YTT 200

I decided to start practicing yoga/fitness because:
I am a disabled Veteran, and I had become homebound with pain, anxiety, and depression. My therapist suggested I find something outside the house. I looked up local yoga studios and, voila. I started coming a few times a week and was surprised to find my neighbor was the owner. Small World.

Yoga has helped me physically by giving me more strength, endurance, and flexibility. Mentally it has been amazing for me! It helps with my stress and anxiety. I get out of bed everyday and come to practice whether I am taking a class or teaching it.

I love working for YogaStrong! Everyone is so supportive and caring. I can be myself and I have grown so much as a person. I am more confident and doing things I never thought I could. I’m not here for a paycheck, I am here for the environment, the great support, and the wonderful experiences I get while helping other people. I want to share YogaStrong with everyone!


Instructor, Personal Trainer, & Nutrition Coach

YTT-200 & BS-Fitness and Human Performance

Fitness is a lifestyle and I love to help others see it that way. Sports and fitness has always been a big part of my life. I started with dance at the age of 3, and later became more of a jock. I played every sport they offered in junior high. Tennis won out though and I played all 4 years of my high school career on the Varsity team. After graduating high school I went on to college and obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Fitness and Human Performance.

Leading others in group exercise classes is my passion! Since about 2014 I’ve been a group exercise instructor teaching everything under the sun (HIIT, cardio, Pilates, barre, yoga, weight training, kickboxing, boot camp, circuit training, etc.). I love all forms of exercise and enjoy teaching it all.

Here are a few of my favorite things: Jesus! Family, can’t get enough of ‘em. Belle- sweetest puppy on the planet. FOOD. All of the food. Summer, sun, surf, the beach. Houston Astros! Tennis. Sleeping in- to achieve this is such sweet bliss (life of a Mom). Music—> The Beach Boys, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Jack Johnson, Beastie Boys, The Clash, and on and on and on!



RYT 200

My name is Val and I started practicing the art of yoga to work on mindfulness and to work on creating harmony in my mind, body, and soul. Yoga has really helped me become more aware of myself and has taught me how to bring myself into the present moment. Showing up to the mat with love consistently really starts to translate into how we show up for ourselves in the real world. It is always amazing to see how that bliss can be shared with my students throughout their practice and how much they can grow the awareness of themselves not just in their body but of the inner world as well. YogaStrong is filled with so much positive energy and teachers who really care about their students’ growth and safety. The teachers here create an accepting atmosphere where anyone can come in and feel at home even if it’s their very first time walking in the doors.



RYT 200

I was introduced to Yoga by a paperback book my mother gave me in high school. I used it as a source of flexibility and stretching. Throughout the years I would read articles and books and watch videos about yoga, but I was completely self-taught.
As I got older, I experienced several injuries, and I used Yoga to rehabilitate myself. I was amazed at how much it helped me. I told myself that someday I would get formal training in Yoga. My first formal training in Yoga was Private Lessons at Krysten’s Yoga School. It made me realize I wanted to teach Yoga. Unfortunately, I moved away and had to stop my lessons. I eventually got certificated as a Yoga Instructor. And now I am back to teach at YogaStrong.


Client Care Specialist

I started practicing yoga for my chronic pain and mental health. Before yoga, I was in constant pain, and it was affecting my day-to-day life as a mother and at work as well. Chronic pain will also affect mental health and I was depressed and anxious all the time. Since I started taking classes in January, my overall mental health has improved. I feel happy more often and am less anxious. I have been given new ways to help myself slow down when I am getting overwhelmed, and I feel I have been doing better at work because of this. My chronic pain is much less now, I’m less anxious, have lost weight, and gained confidence back that I lost long ago. 

Since I started working at YogaStrong, I have not only learned to start taking time for myself, I found family there. All of the employees and the owner are amazing in their own ways and have been there for me as well as for the clients in many ways. Most importantly, our clients mean a lot to me. I love the energy they bring with them when they come in for their own self-care. I try to always greet them with a smile and to know everyone by name, so they feel welcome and hopefully like family because that is what we are at YogaStrong.