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Veterans Day is coming up and I,(Lacey) am a disabled veteran. Anxiety, PTSD, and Depression are real things experienced by our Veterans. In fact, I started practicing Yoga to help manage the symptoms.

"Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a condition that many veterans experience. It is an anxiety disorder that can develop following exposure to a terrifying or traumatic event that caused or threatened serious physical harm. PTSD can be triggered by a number of traumatic events including accidents, violent personal assaults, and military combat.

For some veterans suffering from PTSD, yoga can help. Hatha yoga emphasizes stillness and peace, and the practice of asanas, or postures, can help to bring a sense of balance and calm. By practicing asanas, we are encouraged to find peace with our experiences and to release our fears and frustrations. Yoga can be a healing a process that helps us to let go of traumas and the anger we may feel as a result." -The Secrets of

We have meditation twice a week, A support group once a week and Restore and Heal or Restorative Class Every Day! We also provide Life Coaching!

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