No pain no gain is how the common saying goes. However, after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia, all I felt was pain while I gained weight. My fitness journey began during my senior year of high school. I had put on fifty pounds in a short amount of time. When I got my diagnosis, I knew that losing weight was going to be tough. I remember being really shy about going to the gym because I KNEW people were looking at me. Looking back now, I realize how silly that was. I slowly fell in love with everything fitness once I started to look and feel better.

I was first exposed to yoga in college, where I was required to take a physical education credit. I remember thinking that it would be an easy A. Boy was I wrong! It was like learning a new language on top of getting into challenging postures. But that challenge was what I fell in love with. I love everything that yoga embodies, and it changed my life. I can manage my pain better as well as manage my mental health. I have my bachelor’s in health management, and I completed my yoga teacher training in 2018 with Piper Yoga which was held at Rice University. I have since then completed my personal training certification and corrective exercise specialist through NASM. Oh, and did I mention I am a massage therapist?!?

In my off time you would find me playing with my cats, watching anime, or reading something that involves the human body (Exercise, diet, anatomy, you name it!). Oh, and trying not to blow up the kitchen while I learn to cook! I am a fan of anything art and theater related, and I love to sing!

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