RYT 500

I love sharing my passion for yoga with others. Though I had done other disciplines many years ago that had similar movements (jazz, ballet, kung fu, etc.) I had never actually tried it. One day I decided to get a yoga DVD and started practicing at home. Unfortunately, most practices that are on DVD or are streamed do not have closed captioning and I reactivated an old neck and shoulder injury by constantly straining to watch, understand, and follow along during poses. Instead of continuing, I stopped cold turkey, which was a mistake. I still remembered that accomplished, “melting into the mat” feeling I experienced during those first few Savasanas though. No other type of exercise, discipline, or practice had quite made me feel that way, and I wanted more!!! It made me curious if there were any studios around to practice at, so I could experience what the differences were. Years later, a girl friend had been bugging me to join her at her studio, thinking that a gentle candlelit class would be a good idea. If you are Deaf or have hearing loss like I do, this was a nightmare, but I was determined to find a way to make it work for my needs. Shortly after, I became a member, joined one of their intensive New Year’s challenges, got hooked, and there was no going back! I started taking all kinds of different class styles, configuring how to make them work for the Deaf and/or other special populations, and finally committed to teacher training. I then expanded that training and have recently wrapped up my 500 hr. certification and love that there is still always something to learn along the journey. This practice has seen me through challenges such as cancer treatments and being a caregiver, grad school, imbalances due to my ears, and other physical impairments. I am excited to add the community at YogaStrong into my path, and I hope to see you on the mat soon!

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