I took my first yoga class in high school when it was suggested it would help me with tension headaches. I loved the calm and stillness of the meditation and the grace and beauty of the poses. Fast forward 20 something years and I’ve been 415lbs at one point, had gastric bypass surgery and lost 200lbs, gained back 100lbs, and became an alcoholic. I was in pain mentally and physically and a mess. In the last 6 years I have surrendered my life to Christ, maintained true sobriety for several years, met and married an amazing man, and found a career I love in community centered non-profit accounting. I still always struggled with my weight though, consuming diet sodas and processed foods, taking over the counter medicines for all my ailments, and never had the energy or motivation for exercise. I saw an ad for YogaStrong and decided to try it, I liked yoga when I was younger and I hate wearing shoes so it’s the perfect exercise for me! I have found my calling for sure!! Since joining YogaStrong, I have lost 80lbs, improved my mental clarity and focus, changed my eating habits, ditched the sodas, and soak up everything I can about yoga history, philosophy, anatomy, and poses. My life is busy and somewhat stressful and yoga is my escape and therapy, it’s the time I devote solely to myself to help heal inside and out. It’s my desire to share my love of yoga with others in hope that they will improve their health and find some peace in this crazy world.
When I’m not at YogaStrong, my other favorite hobby is firearm practice. I’m a member of a women’s shooting league and enjoy range time dates with my Marine husband. I’m a mom to 3 big rescue dogs- Finn, Ella and Wrigley Field. Some of my favorite things are political and true crime podcasts, Dateline, epic battle movies, Excel spreadsheets (accounting nerd), anything Disney, vintage car shows, and a wide range of music that includes Johnny Cash, Jimmy Buffett, Etta James, and Amy Winehouse.

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