Studio Manager

I decided to start practicing yoga/fitness because:

I am a disabled Veteran, and I had become homebound with pain, anxiety, and depression. My therapist suggested I find something outside the house. I looked up local yoga studios and, voila. I started coming a few times a week and was surprised to find my neighbor was the owner. Small World.

Yoga has helped me physically by giving me more strength, endurance, and flexibility. Mentally it has been amazing for me! It helps with my stress and anxiety. I get out of bed everyday and come to practice weather I am taking a class or teaching it.

I love working for YogaStrong! Everyone is so supportive and caring. I can be myself and I have grown so much as a person. I am more confident and doing things I never thought I could. I’m not here for a paycheck, I am here for the environment, the great support, and the wonderful experiences I get while helping other people. I want to share YogaStrong with everyone!

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