When I started yoga, I was a senior in college and trying to figure out what was going to come next in my life. I felt a lot of pressure from myself and the expectations of others to have everything together when I graduated and I didn’t realize the amount of anxiety and stress that I had in my life. The yoga class I was once a week on Mondays and it was actually a part of my degree plan. Physical activity wasn’t something that I was new to as I was in athletics up until high school, so in college I became a gym fanatic and loved working out. But then working out for me was trying to make sure I looked good and not necessarily so that I felt good (worries about freshman 15). But there was something in the way of moving while doing yoga was different. From there I realized just the power of breath. I could feel myself calmer and more at east, not realizing how much stress I carried in my body. I would leave the class in a bliss and go back to my apartment and would do more yoga until it was time for me to go to work. I then started attending a yoga with a group called Bhakti Yoga Club where we not only did the physical practice of yoga but learned about the limbs, mantras, chanting, meditation, etc and they also had free food (the way to get me anywhere).

I was so transformed by the practice so much so that I wanted to teach others about yoga. I believe yoga is a catalyst to physical and mental well-being and once established, individuals find a freedom within themselves and thrive in life. I desire to foster a sense of community and share my love of the practice with those who are willing to learn.

I like YogaStrong because it is more than just a yoga studio. It strives to build community and offer more than just yoga. YogaStrong is where you can come to get healthy. Where you can learn how to care for yourself in the best ways possible. There are a variety of classes and offerings that you can find to suite you!

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